Monday, May 17, 2010

Seven Things Your Organization Must Do Because Of Social Media

According to Augie Ray, a blogger for Interactive Marketing Professionals, there are seven things your organization must do because of social media. The first of these is you must be proactive. The key to being proactive is to identify the issues within your company that could be a problem in the future and finding a way to deal with these issues by interacting with a wide range of customers and by changing consumer perception when you can, and change your company when you can’t. The second of the seven is to improve customer support. The way customer support is handled can have great success for your company’s brand perception. The third of these is to listen. Most people are more opt to voicing their opinions on line. If your organization is on social media, there is a better chance of answering to those complaints and opinions if needed. The fourth thing your organization must do because of social media is to participate. No matter what, people are going to use facebook, twitter and youtube to complain or give their own opinions about your product or services. You should be participating because if you do people will be more welcome into their social media and your answers will be heard. The fifth of seven is to respond. Before the days of social media, people had to write letters or make a phone call to complain. These were all ignored because responding would only cause more media attention. It was easy to ignore a letter, but you can't ignore what is written on social media. You have to respond and show people you care. The sixth thing is to move faster. When responding to social media, it is important to respond quickly. Everyone on social media is watching right now. Even if you respond in a few days, which is quick in the business world, it isn't quick on social media. The last of the seven things your organization must do because of social media is you must realize every employee is a marketer. Every employee should participate in social media and be watched with what they say about your company and the brand image. All of these are interesting and very true when it comes to social media, protecting your company and the brand image of your company.

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