Sunday, January 31, 2010


Kat Donovan

Social media takes many forms for many different uses.  There are many social media that contain photo usage, but there are also social media that focus only on photo publishing. Flickr is a program that allows users to post their photos with descriptions, join groups, enables other individuals to comment on others’ photos, and allows users to “follow” other users to keep up with their latest work.  Flickr also allows users to post their photos from Flickr to other blogs, such as Twitter and personal blogs. Users can send photos directly from their phone to Flickr.
One organization that uses Flickr is NASA. NASA has an account on Flickr that I have subscribed to follow. NASA’s profile information contains a section about their photos that are posted and how they are available to the public and news organizations. NASA gives permission on their profile for the photos to be used, with due credit. The photos cannot be used in any way that suggest NASA gives approval or endorsement for another product. They have posted photos since February of 2009, and have photos taken as early as 2004 posted to their account.
There could be many benefits of companies and organizations using Flickr. Flickr provides a way to post photos that is credible, reputable and, most importantly, instant. Photos that need to be made public can be uploaded to Flickr and obtained by the public and the media extremely quick.  The photos can be reused and posted in a way that is easy and dependable.

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