Sunday, January 24, 2010


By Tiffiny Towne

Kaboodle's only function is to be a resource for shoppers like an online shopping community. It has tools to help shoppers organize their shopping through lists; discover new things from people with a similar taste in style while finding the best prices. Shoppers can even personalize their profiles with polls and other widgets.

I will now describe the steps on how to kaboodle. Go to and register. Please remember to write down your user name and password. It is important to register so your family will remember what you want for Christmas or other holidays. You will need to check your email for updates.

The items can be classified according to different departments like home and garden, electronics, music, and computers. You can also classify your products into gifts or in ranges of price like less than twenty, twenty to two-hundred, or if I had a million dollars classification.

Now it is time to "connect with Kaboodle members, write reviews, play games, shop, add friends and join groups as desired or time allows." If you want to products private from other users then there is an option for that.

You can invite your friends to the website through email and also they will see your gift list. There is also a way to select a few email contacts.

There is a toolbar that Kaboodle offers that when you are shopping online, you can click "add to caboodle" when a product pops up that you like so you can put it in the proper list.

There are email subscription options. Please choose wisely; they can sometimes overload you.

I went ahead and created my own Kaboodle because I believe it is more important to learn from experience than from reading someone else's.  When I was registering, they gave me a big variety of different brands to choose from. I picked twelve from to Sony. I do not have any friends yet but it is on my to-do list.

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