Saturday, November 21, 2009

AOL Targets Tween Girls with Launch of New Blog: New Site JSYK - Text Speak for "Just So You Know" - to Feature Mostly Original Reporting

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      AOL has launched a new culture blog called JSYK, targeted towards teens.  The new site will feature plenty of updates concerning celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, lots of exclamation points and most importantly, about 70 percent original content.  Two AOL staffers have been assigned to the site, along with reader contributions.  JSYK adds to AOL's growing content targeted at kids and parents. 


      I think that this is very smart of AOL to launch this type of new culture blog.  With technology being such a big part of everyone’s lives launching this new blog is something that will probably be very successful for them because of the target audience.  The average age of kids who are getting on the internet also seems to be getting younger which will draw in more kids to this new culture blog.  Especially because of the updates on celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and other teen celebrities. 


      I love the idea that JSYK's content is targeted at kids as well as parents.  This just adds to the possibility of this new launch being successful.  When the kids are targeted along with the parents, I think it makes the parents feel more comfortable because they know that the content is safe.  Also having two AOL staffers being assigned to the site will help with making sure that the new culture blogs will be what the audience is looking for or what the specific target audience is looking for because they will know exactly what AOL wants to present to its audience.  Having outside publishers is good for having another point of view or broader spectrum on things but I think because this is targeted towards kids and parents, having their own staff is a much better option. This new culture blog seems like it could be something interesting and exciting for this target audience to check out.



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