Saturday, November 7, 2009

If Everyone Hates You, Where Can You Go? Where Else - Television: Dog Torturer Michael Vick to Star in New BET Documentary

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      Michael Vick, ex-convict, dog-abusing pro athlete has been reinstated into the NFL.  He has also now been signed to star in his own television series.  The show is about Michael Vick and his against all odds struggle to make his NFL comeback, and how his troubled childhood and other factors shaped a behavior pattern that resulted in his 2007 arrest.  The NFL star commented on his reasoning behind this new project for himself, saying that he just wants people to really get to know him as an individual and that he has made mistakes in the past and wishes it had never happened.


      One part of me thinks that this is a good thing that Michael Vick wants to do for himself.  He wants to get rid of the accusations that people have about him from the past and wants people to know him for who he is now.  I think it is a good motive that he has for himself.  Everyone does make mistakes and should be given second chances so why not him, he's a human being too.  But another part of me thinks, no way should you expect people to forgive you just because you are a celebrity/athlete.  You screwed up so don't expect people to forgive you based on this new personal show that allows us to take a look at your life.  There is also the point of, who really cares?  There are so many more things that I think about during the day that do not involve whether or not I think Michael Vick is becoming a better person after all that he has gone through in his life.  There are already enough reality celebrity TV shows out there that nobody cares about, why should this one be any different?   



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