Sunday, November 1, 2009

Consumers don't know how electronic cars operate

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld

      Automakers are now realizing that the biggest obstacle that they are going to have to overcome in bringing electronic cars out onto the market is the fact that consumers don't have a clear perception of how these cars work/run or about what these cars are exactly.  It is an unfamiliar subject or object that surrounds the whole unique maintance and fueling process of this new breed of car. 

      The new Ford Focus is due out in 2011.  It looks to be the new major vehicle for the future.  The Ford industry has equipped this car with new necessities as well as a few old.  This allows drivers to have a more comfortable feel to this new vehicle.  "That makes the technology less scary and more familiar-and, actually, sager.  Because if you jump from an (electric car) to a regular car, you don't want to have to remember very different (conditions)," Nancy Gioia said, reports CNET writer Martin LaMonica on a network blog.

      Getting a new vehicle out into consumer’s hands that is economy friendly is a great thing.  I think it is great that the Ford Company also realizes that they need to make it a new vehicle that is comfortable for consumers to have.  I know that for me, a new electronic car is something that I would automatically gear myself away from.  And the biggest reason for this is because of the unknown about the vehicle or being uncomfortable with it.  For Ford and any other car companies who are going to be selling this kind of new economy friendly vehicle, I do agree that the biggest challenge for them is going to be informing consumers about it and everything that comes with it.  In this way they are giving the consumers more than just an unknown to go off of.


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