Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AT&T and Verizon Agree to Stop Ad-Claim Catfight: Without Saying Why, Carriers Jointly Dismiss Lawsuits Challenging Ad-Campaign Statements

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      AT&T and Verizon have accused each other of lying about cell and 3G coverage-area superiority in TV ads.  One claims to have "more bars in more places" while the others "there's a map for that" ads claim it has far wider coverage.  Even though they have been accusing and throwing arguments at each other, they have now decided to play it nice.  Without explanation, the two competitors both agreed this past week to drop lawsuits against the other. 


      I think that having the arguments and lawsuits against each other in the first place was a mistake.  These days it seems as though almost everyone has a cell phone/some kind of technology gadget or needs one.  Because of this, people are buying new phones or new pieces of technology all over the place.  I would think that with the huge amount of people that we have in this country, there would be no need for argument between cell phone companies.  Coverage within a cell phone company is a big deal to people when buying from that company.  But I'm not going to trust the ad on TV for that anyway, I would rather ask the cell phone company at the store for that information.  I really do feel like there are enough people to go around and enough people to keep the cell phone companies busy.  To me, these lawsuits are just something extra for the companies to be arguing over.




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