Thursday, December 10, 2009

Google Struggles to Protect Image

By: Brooke Shanholtz


Google has been struggling to protect their image because of scammers using their name. The company filed a lawsuit against Pacific WebWorks and other defendants because they have used Google’s name and logo in money making schemes. Google has stated that they have not produced or endorsed any money making schemes through the company.  Many have either seen the advertisements on the web or have received emails stating that they can make easy money from home through Google.


I personally never pay attention to any advertisements for easy money on the web, but recently I received a message on facebook from a friend stating that it works and she was making money. I went to the site and then researched the money making scheme before signing up for anything. I immediately found sites full of post stating it was a scheme, and many of the post stated how quickly they lost money. People need to research where there personal information is going before they submit it over the internet. I am sure glad I did, and I actually feel silly for thinking there was any possibility of it being true. But it shows how easy it is for these unethical groups to make money.



Daily Dog. (2009, Dec. 10). Google Fights for Its Image: Search Giant Sues Work-At-Home Scammers That Have Used Its Name and Logo In Fraudulent Schemes. Retrieved from


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