Friday, December 18, 2009

From Really Bad to Perhaps Much Worse: Tiger Woods Now Linked to Performance-Enhancing Drugs as Canadian Doctor is Probed

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      Dr. Anthony Galea, a Canadian doctor who has treated Tiger Woods and other professional sports figures, is under suspicion of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.  This happened after Galea was arrested at a U.S.-Canada border with possession of an illegal drug.  An FBI investigation has been opened, based in part on computer records found relating to several pro athletes. 


      After Woods had knee surgery in June, Galea had reportedly provided Woods with a platelet therapy.  This therapy was developed through a blood-spinning technique that speeds up post-surgery recovery.  This therapy has been approved by the FDA.   However several are saying and fear that there was more to this simple therapy than just a blood-spinning technique.  "The treatment Tiger received is a widely accepted therapy and to suggest some connection with illegality is recklessly irresponsible," said agent Mark Steinberg.


      The fact that Tiger Woods is already in trouble with his situation that deals with his personal life is bad enough.  But now there is hype about him being involved with illegal drugs.  Honestly, I just kind of feel bad for the guy.  Yeah, he put himself in the first situation but at the same time trying to nail him for more than what is his responsibility is not the best approach for people to be making towards him.   If Dr. Galea is the one dealing with the illegal drugs, get his business figured out before tying to nail everyone he was in association with.



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