Thursday, December 10, 2009

College Grads, Not Meeting Standards

By: Brooke Shanholtz


I am a college student and will be the first to admit I do not attend classes at my peak appearance. My typical look in a class consists of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my hair pulled up in a pony tail. But I will soon be graduating and I realize I have to make the transition into the "real world." I will get up a couple hours before work, show up to my job early, look my best, and be in my top mindset everyday. I know that is what is expected and thought that most college students did as well. Studies have proved otherwise.

Recent studies have shown that recent college graduates are not living up to professional standards. David Polk, York College sociologist, performed a study with business executives. His findings revealed that, "many of the 500 business execs who participated in the study complained that young employees fresh out of college were disrespectful, didn’t have good work ethic and weren’t professional-looking."

Polk compared our generations complaints with that of the baby boomers; the generation gap. But as a baby boomer himself, Polk stated that, "We threw away the tie-dye shirts and bell bottoms."

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