Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trouble in Toyland: Feud Between Mattel and MGA Entertainment Rages On, But Bratz Dolls Will Remain on Store Shelves Through Holidays

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      The long-running copyright dispute between Mattel and MGA Entertainment over the rights to Bratz dolls continues in court.  However there has been a new ruling that has determined that the popular toys will still be on sale over the holidays and into next year.  Originally the court found that MGA breached copyright laws.  The court then ordered the company to stop selling the dolls and transfer ownership to Mattel, but an appeals court has suspended the order.


      I think that a kind of dispute on something like this, a toy is a waste of time.  There are so many more things that could be going through court right now and these two companies are fighting over ownership of a toy.  One of the statements made was that the two companies should just come to some kind of an agreement on this dispute out of court.  I think this is exactly what should happen.  The two companies should get together, find some kind of resolution that they can agree on, and settle this argument.  The only good thing that everyone is agreeing on is the fact that the Bratz Dolls need to be sold throughout the Christmas season in order for either of the companies to get a profit from them. 



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