Monday, February 1, 2010

Trackle Application in an Organization

By John Duncan
Trackle is a good tool for companies to not just use but for them to observe. Trackle allows users to follow any material they may find important through different widgets for total customization. Trackle makes it easy to share this knowledge with other people by allowing it to be social media friendly which means we can post the alert itself on any social media outlet (Guy). This makes it easier for marketers to follow and track their customers’ wants and interests and allows the company to interact with the consumer with a more personal intent. Trackle sends news and information which the user finds important. They can choose from: books, classified, crime, events, finance, fun stuff, health, information, jobs, local and movies (Perez). These widgets can be customized even further to get rid of unwanted information. Peoples’ trackles are private but like I stated earlier, sharing is done very easily through the uses of Facebook, Digg, Twitter and other forms of social media (Perez).  All major companies and even smaller companies should look into trying to spread the word of trackle because it is only going to grow and get better. Understanding how it works and how to find your customers’ interests will benefit these companies greatly.

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