Monday, February 1, 2010


By John Duncan
Trackle is a new social media tool that allows users to track any information that may want or need without having to dig through pesky unwanted articles. Trackle is like google alerts in a sense considering that trackle sends the user all the information though email. It is a little more advanced than that though. They have created different widgets which can be added onto your trackle. For instance, trackle offers apps finding when a favorite band and keeping in contact for tour dates and CD releases, news on the latest sports scores and also can track crime rate in your town (Perez). You can also go more in-depth for instance, if you want to just know about burglary and not all forms of crime in your town you can set it just for that. Trackle also is smart because it remembers the information it has already sent you and will never send that piece of information again unless you request it to do so (Perez). This is a tool for companies as well because your trackle topics of interest can be posted on Digg, Facebook, Twitter, etc. which can allow marketers to track their customers interests (Guy). Trackle is completely free with over 100 widgets ranging from health to real estate and everywhere in between (Guy). Trackle constantly updates itself with new material once it comes available so this tool will be beneficial to everyone using it so I would recommend everyone to check into it if they already haven’t.

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