Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweets about Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman says best argument for social media is conversation
continues on whether you are paying attention or not.

4 rules of peter shankman, transparency, relevance, brevity, top of
mind relevance

Fav tip from @shankman - declare "email bankruptcy"...

"Transparency is the new black." -Peter Shankman at PRSA conference in
Kansas City

Be brilliant at the basics

140 characters equals 2.7 seconds. Make it count!

Our job is no longer to do our pr; it's to get other people to do our pr.

Todays Mktg Tip "when everyone is talking, the valuable commodity is listening"

College students need to learn to write. With only 140 characters
writing becomes more important.

How do you gain online followers? Peter Shankman: "Just make things good."

Focus on making things good, not virial

"'Have it your way' has never been so relevant today."

It's Not Web 2.0, It's Not Web 3.0...It's Simply Life-Peter Shankman

"the press release as we know it will be dead in 24 months" replace w/
company blog & publishing

Barnum lives in Peter Shankman

Like ProfNet but free.