Saturday, December 29, 2018

Is Nesquik banned in Europe?

 No, Nesquik is not banned in Europe. But at first glance it appeared to me as if the NYTimes claims it is. The picture strongly suggests by association to the headline that these products are banned in Europe. In fact, when I look closer, the caption says:

Some foods, like those found in this grocery store in Nice, France, don't contain food additives that would otherwise be allowed in foods in the United States.CreditCreditEric Gaillard/Reuters

Read the NYTimes article.

Dems may have swayed election, broken laws with disinformation campaign against Roy Moore

Tactics used to discredit Moore included a Facebook page seeking to appeal to Republicans who might not vote for Moore to write in other candidates, other online and social media content seeking to undermine Moore, and fake evidence that Moore supporters online were actually Russian bots.

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