Thursday, July 9, 2009

PR Grads doing all the right things...

Northwest student, soon to graduate, Allie Alvarez describes her
efforts to get a job. She has all the great characteristics that make
a good employee and has done all the right things to find work. Still
she hasn't landed her first job. I'm confident, however, that she

These are the things she suggests for the recent grad looking for work.

1. Get involved: My first internship was during the summer of my
sophomore year at a local radio station. I was exposed to every
department, including sales, promotions, productions account and even
engineering. This hands-on experience started the ball rolling—and
I've done a total of five internships in both PR and Broadcasting;
only 2 were paid. These positions include: Promotions Intern at a
radio station; Program Coordinator for a YMCA branch; Public Relations
Intern for the Communication Department at NWMSU; Creative Promotions
Intern for a television station and Firm Director for a Student-run

2. Build Bridges: Ever heard of "make sure to always leave a good
first impression?" More than just making a good impression with the
people you meet and/or work for, it is extremely important to keep in
touch with them—they can be your ticket to a better job. This becomes
especially important with the media's rapid change because it not only
shows you stay current with the media but it allows you stay connected
to those who you are no longer working for but would like their
support and, hopefully, their recommendation.

3. Clean and Revamp: I have reviewed my resume around fifty times
within the last two months. I have cleaned it up so that it looks
well-organized and, most importantly, so it shows results. I think of
it as a cheat sheet for employers; they can see the results of my
projects while I was an intern, or as an employee. I also had several
contacts, who are all part of the workforce, take a second look. In
addition, I subscribe to several different newsletters where I read
about how I can bolster my presence online.

4. Word of Mouth: Talking to everyone you meet and know is the key
to networking. I've kept in touch with friends who graduated last year
for their advice and/or leads as to who is hiring. Through this I
found two different companies that I was really interested in and as a
result I applied. I've found this process to be more efficient due to
my friend's influence and recommendations.

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