Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Augmented Reality and its Effectiveness.

By: Rae Hildreth
The measurement of effectiveness of augmented reality is evolving and is getting incorporated into many different industries. It is no longer just limited to print advertising.

Now it is being used in fashion. Models walking down the runway have “software” in their clothes which triggers the screen and different 3D animation goes along with the runway show. Also, buildings have embraced the new social media. The company Quoso in Tokyo has barcodes on the side of their building. If you put your iphone camera up to it which sends back up to date information on what is going on inside the building.

The best way to see if social media is being effective is with the participation. More and more companies are using it so it must be measuring up to objectives. It’s also new technology which is exciting and enticing. It has obviously established creditability; has shown the traffic and tracking of  how many hits the company gets by checking key words; if people use their iphones and apps this will show the time by seeing how long people stay. The perception of social media and the image that is being perceived is a positive one.

 My experience with augmented reality has been a positive experience so far. It’s always fun to see how it is constantly changing and different medias are adapting augmented reality.

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