Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Laura Exclusive: 'Bullying' Attacks on Free Speech 'Not American'

Top talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger tells Newsmax that the "bullying and scary" tactics of the left are a direct threat to the First Amendment rights of anyone who dares to speak out in defense of traditional American values.

 The best-selling author and syndicated Newsmax columnist announced on CNN's Larry King show Tuesday night that she will leave the radio airwaves at year's end.

But in an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Schlessinger says that, although the broadside over her neutral use of the N-word on her radio program was "the last straw," it was not the true reason she's decided to leave her long-time syndicated radio program.

Rather, she says those who viciously attack conservative talk hosts in the name of political correctness effectively have taken away her First Amendment rights.

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John Fisher said...

Any use of the N-word is not neutral. Dr. Laura was stupid to say the word. It is never appropriate. Maybe she made an honest mistake, but the situation still leaves me wondering if she was being strategic and had a hidden agenda. Is it possible she was ready to retire and figured this was a good way to go out with a statement about political correctness and liberal media attempts to shut down talk radio?