Thursday, February 17, 2011

Government Can Learn from Donald Trump

What Donald Trump Could Teach Government About Public Relations
Guest writer Dr. Mark Drapeau is the Director of U.S. Public Sector Social Engagement at Microsoft, and the editor of SECTOR: PUBLIC. Follow him on Twitter

Donald Trump is a master of public branding and marketing for himself and his eponymous business interests. While government doesn’t usually consider itself in the business of “marketing” itself, in reality, the Open Government movement is to some degree about publicizing data and information in order to get it to people who can find it useful and transform it into knowledge. Mark Drapeau discusses what government employees working in public affairs or other public-facing jobs could learn from Donald Trump’s self-promotion tactics.

1. Be ubiquitous. Donald Trump seems to be everywhere at once sometimes, particularly when he’s promoting a new project.

2. Be strategic. Trade favors with people who can help and people you can help.

3. Exceed expectations.  Shock your audience by exceeding their expectations, committing to providing a great service, overwhelming them with attitude, expertise, or other factors.

4. Be hired. Be the most trusted source of information about your agency.

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