Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Note from Tom Woods

 Once in a while I like to share something I receive in my inbox.

The lockdown insanity has crushed who knows how many people -- tens, hundreds of millions? Billions? -- some of whom write to me. Publicly, none of these people are allowed to say anything about it.

That's what I consider the creepiest rule about COVID lockdowns.

If you break this rule you'll be called cold and callous -- for daring to care about your own life and everything you've poured your heart into.

Because the only thing that matters in the world is COVID.

Not your kids, whom the lockdowners have gleefully sacrificed. Not your life savings -- why, who can think about money when we're all obsessing monomaniacally about one thing?

Oh, and not your business (obviously!), not your physical health (sorry we canceled all those procedures!), not your family, not your friendships, not your mental health, not normal human connection, not relationships, nothing.


Because, don't you know, it spreads "exponentially" -- as every midwit screamed at us in March.

(Except it doesn't, obviously.)

At any rate, here's what I received from a Californian today:

While I’m sure this is repetitive, I can’t imagine it’s never not good to hear that your emails are a godsend. Throughout quarantine my husband and I have been stuck in California, or as I like to call it, Newsom’s sadistic playground.

We had plans to move to Tennessee to help family in failing health and pick up more responsibilities in the family business, but all of that was dashed with the lockdowns. Work has dried up, our savings are now gone, and with everyone literally fleeing the state, Tennessee real estate has skyrocketed well beyond what we had been looking at in February. To say we are disheartened is probably one of the top ten understatements of this year.

Our friends and family are fairly like-minded, but even my brother -- who has a BS in Economics -- couldn’t understand why stimulus checks hurt more than they helped. Even my cousin -- who is an ER nurse -- drank the lockdown Kool Aid and warned against my skepticism of tests in the beginning, though I’m happy to say she’s slowly coming around.... I have felt so alone in my outrage for months.

Relationships have been strained, and a handful actually severed over the quarantine. I can’t even talk about it in my own home now, because it’s too upsetting and unfruitful to complain about the current state of things. Needless to say, reading each morning about how you crush the COVID Cult is one of my few sources of sanity these days.

I will be honest, my family technically broke the state-mandated rules for Thanksgiving. We had a multi-household camping trip at the beach, in the sunshine and fresh air, and about twenty of us crammed onto a couple of picnic tables under the stars for our turkey dinner. We didn’t wear masks between bites, and we definitely consumed alcohol and sang songs together.

You know what the darnedest thing is, though? Not one of us got sick.

Newsom has now dropped us and all neighboring counties a tier (his arbitrary system for how strict a lockdown he will impose) and now we can’t even eat outside at restaurants anymore. We have a local favorite that we’ve frequented throughout the quarantine in hopes that we can keep it afloat, but being closed until Christmas might be what does it in. What does all of our local businesses in. I’ve never known this amount of despair and impotent rage before. Clearly, California’s definition of life is different from mine....

Thank you for your voice in the midst of this chaos. Thank you for letting people like myself know that we aren’t alone in this insanity. And if you could somehow bring the fight to California, you’d save more lives than Newsom claims his tactics have saved.

Gratefully, A Reluctant Californian

I am receiving boatloads of emails like this every day. Nothing I've ever written about has resonated with more people.

You are keeping me sane, people tell me.

I have never heard that before.

I've covered lots of topics before, but this one is truly unique. It's as if you and I are living in different realities from some of the people around us. Major cities are at 95%+ mask compliance, and some people really think a lack of masks is the problem. They think staying home is the key to making progress, when heavily locked down California has more hospitalizations per million than completely open Florida. (Not to mention, Florida has the country's fifth-oldest population, while California is all the way down at number 44.)

And not to mention:

You're a bad person for not believing in their rain dances.

Well, the full keep-you-sane package includes this newsletter, to be sure, but it also includes what I call the Tom Woods Show Elite.

As I've mentioned previously, I recently moved the private Tom Woods Show Elite group off Facebook, for obvious reasons. It's on MeWe now. Their platform is easy to learn, and very similar to Facebook.

You can become my contact over there:

The group consists of good, smart, friendly folks (including the old man here) who will keep you sane when everyone you know thinks Dr. Fauci is a hero and everyone should keep staying home.

If you'd like to become a member of my private group, where you'll be surrounded by normal people and be able to stay up on what's actually happening, as opposed to panic-mongering lunacy, entry is this way:


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