Friday, April 2, 2010

Advancement in Social Media

Emily Wilkins
Advancement in Social Media-Plaxo

Plaxo is a free online address book that has been taken over by business publics from all over. The Social Media serves as an online contact list and calendar that is able to combine contacts from other profiles and accounts online such as: Facebook, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and LinkedIn. In many cases, it can be challenging to store updated phone numbers, addresses, events, and companies into the same channel. Sean Parker, founder, has made it possible for this online syncing system to accumulate these items into one place, making access much easier. Certain mobile devices such as Blackberry and iPhone also offer a Plaxo application you can purchase for your phone, making it easier to be notified with change of dates, times, phone numbers and companies.

        Businesses have taken a specific liking to Plaxo for its opportunities through the various functions. Some of those functions Plaxo offers are: blogs, profiles, video sharing, picture sharing, calandars, eCards, groups, messaging, music, polls, reviews, jobs, bookmarks, and link sharing. This online address book is keeping big businesses and corporations close and up to date. It’s giving major corporations the chance to keep in contact with clients and other big businesses. Through Plaxo they can also keep in contact with their contributors and suppliers. It will inform the company on any changes in locations or phone numbers in the meantime.

        Some of the road blocks experienced through the use of Plaxo have been finding students and other peers to connect with on the site. In order to receive feedback on blogs you’ve had to have found connections willing to contribute input. My goals were to have found Northwest students to engage in conversation over blogs, polls or reviews and shared that with the class. I have yet to make connections or share feedback on other profiles until I have been accepted via e-mail by requested connections. I learned a lot through this social media and plan on continuing my use of Plaxo through college and thereafter. In my attempts to establish the name for the company I will be interning for this summer I find that this is an excellent Social Networking tool that could be of some use.

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