Monday, April 5, 2010

Why do people "dig" Digg?

By: Bob Eskew

Why do people "dig" Digg? And for that matter what exactly is Digg?
Digg is basically one of the biggest online web-sharing sites on the
web today. They introduce members of Digg to new videos, blogs, vlogs,
images, and basically anything else that people want to see.

The way people use Digg is very similar to Stumbleupon, users who like
that video, image, vloge, whatever it is they can click the like or
Digg button saying that they Digg this particular item and anyone
looking for something along the lines of that video or image will be
suggested to that page and many others like it. Digg isn't used just
to show funny video of children liking turtles or some guy getting hit
in the nuts by a two-year-old either, Digg also sends important news
headlines and anything else that is sent publicly through the web and
the videos are never edited to give the viewers what they want. With
an estimated 3 million registered Digg members it's no wonder why it's
such an efficient site.

How could companies use Digg to promote themselves is really hard but
could be effective. The only way I've seen any Diggs about companies
is by either a bad form of publicity ex, Toyota recall, or an
announcement made by a company ex, a new item being brought out to the
market. All in all this new type of social networking tool could be
used in various ways and reaches numerous people. The best way to put
what this website really is about is by saying if Stumbleupon and
Facebook had a baby, this would be it.

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