Friday, April 16, 2010

Jessica Seipel

April 16, 2010



By Jessica Seipel


I recently joined the YouTube network but I do not actively use it.  I have decided to talk about my own experience with YouTube.  I really don’t use YouTube for a social network; mostly just for leisure.  But I decided to ask friends on Facebook how often they use YouTube and I got nineteen responses out of sixty-four people.  The question was, “How often do you use Facebook (daily, weekly, or uploading).  The results were, Daily-5, Weekly- 13, and only one person uploads videos.  I asked him how often he uploads and he said almost daily. 


I have not uploaded any videos myself but I have looked at others and some are pointless and funny and some actually have good information in them.  I don’t feel I will use this as a social media networking tool in the future but I am sure a lot of people will.  I think that YouTube can be used with other forms of social media to be effective.  People can post video links on Facebook from YouTube.  I did not develop a conversation through YouTube; I don’t really know how you would?  I will continue to use YouTube to watch silly videos but I probably will not upload videos I do not have the devices to do this.

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