Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have recently starting using Skype to keep in contact with friends from school. When I first started using Skype I didn’t really use it often just every once in a while to check in on a few friends. I have now started using it quite often and have learned that not only is it a great way to communicate with others far away but to use for conference calls. You can chat and send files or faxes through Skype and this has come to my advantage when working with my Spanish partner, we don’t live in the same building so we let each other know a time we want to study for Spanish and both her and I send each other our projects to perfect them and ask each other questions. I have had pretty good luck with the quality of Skype as well; our calls have only been dropped a few times. My friend also informed me that you can have Skype money to use for your actually phone service and she will probably get this when she studies abroad in Costa Rica next semester, she says it’s a lot cheaper to do it  this way. As for me, I’m going to just stick with the free voice calls, video, and chat. This is a very good social media and I am glad I looked into it. I will now be able to stay in contact with my friends from school that live in different states and that are leaving the country.  My next step is to get my most of my family onto Skype so that I can see them and talk to them during my time away at school.  I have already gotten three of my family members to get a Skype account, one is even in Scotland. When I showed my family at a baby shower how much you can do with Skype and that they could talk to my cousin in Scotland they seemed very interested in getting an account. So far I have eight friends but I believe I convinced much more of my family to get one. I think this program is easy enough for all ages to use and would recommend it to many people.



Alex Huxol

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