Monday, April 5, 2010

Amazing Trackle

John Duncan

Trackle is an amazing tool which is grabbing the attention of many companies and PR professionals. It allows user to receive news, blogs, tweets, etc. as soon as they happen. I'd like to talk about my experience with this tool in hopes to promote trackles awareness to people who may have never heard of it or used it.

Trackle has provided me with the latest news and information concerning my interests. I have become more aware due to my use of this tool. I have also been following Dr. Drew and I have learned a slew of information about him and his latest work and achievements. For an example: "Dr. Drew Pinsky has decided to offer his expertise on the current state of Jesse James ... Dr. Drew Pinsky compares Heidi Montag's plastic surgery to dressing in drag (Access ... Source:"  This is a example of a post and I clicked on the link provided and it provided me with the article. I then can take the article and post it on my facebook or twitter for everyone else to see. I did not do this because I didn't believe the article was main stream news worthy but I have posted article concerning Dr. Drew on my facebook in the past.

I also used Trackle to find articles about college tuition which I used to blog about. Trackle has helped me find valuable information and I will be using it in the future. I hope everyone who reads this decides to at least check trackle out and experience it for yourself. Write me a comment and tell me about your experience!!!

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