Friday, April 2, 2010

Status Report for Google Docs

By: Tiffiny Towne

A conversation with Google Docs is private conversation with fellow co-workers or classmates. It’s a way for people to share work inside their Gmail account. It’s not like other social media where you have to make another login and password. So there isn’t a chance that you will forget your information.

Creating a Conversation with Google Docs for Fellow Classmates
In Nonverbal Communication, I am working with a group on a ten page paper about touching during different stages of relationships. Google Docs has helped us work on the introduction, conclusion and making the paper flow. Everyone has different writing styles so making the paper flow is very important. When someone is making edits for somebody else’s part, everyone can see who and what was changed.

Status Report
I did not want to connect with the whole class. I really need to focus on members in my group. The saying, “quality is better than quantity” is so true here. I successful convinced four people in my group to use Google Docs. It was not too hard because all of them already had a Gmail account. Since Google Docs was not my original social media, the class might not even know what Google Docs is.

What’s Next?
I will have my future organization try Google Docs to share up-to-date information about statistics of the organization because you can get to your Docs anywhere as long as you have the internet access.  It doesn’t even matter if you use Mac, PC, or even a Linux. Google Docs can also be seen on a Blackberry but it cannot be edited yet.

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