Monday, April 5, 2010

The specifics of Digg

By Bob Eskew

For my second blog on the popular website Digg, I will be talking about some of the various features that users can use. After a person logs into Digg in the header there is a lists of options for a person to choose their interests from and customize their list to better suit their “browse-ability,” and to give an exact lists of digged items for users to look at.

Another great perk to using Digg is the friends list that enables users to use for themselves. When one of your friends hits the Digg button, in your friends history, which can be seen on the friends tab next to the profile button, gives you a history of Diggs that they have liked in the past which enables their friends to see what they liked therefore allowing the original user to decide to Digg it or not.

One of my favorite features on Digg is the random Diggs that occur on the main page. What happens is at any given moment of time, an article is put up on the main page for two minutes and counts down the moment it is posted. Users like me have the deciding vote on whether or not it gets put on the front page for people to see or if it isn’t posted on Digg at all. How the people at Digg decide to put it up is if a certain number of people who actually view the article hit the Digg button, it gets put up on the main page or not. One of these events actually happened in the middle of class before I started my presentation.



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