Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dell warns about going small

By Brooke Shanholtz

Dell CEO, Michael Dell, has publicly stated that the new small 10 inch notebooks are not liked by everyone. He stated that for users who have used a larger screen, downgrading to a smaller screen probably will not satisfy them.

CNET News reported that Dell stated, "We see a fair amount of customers not really being that satisfied with the smaller screen and the lower performance, unless it's like a secondary machine or it's a very first machine and the expectations are low."

Some may be surprised that Dell is so open about the limits and dislikes of their "small" notebook line, but it is a positive thing. If I were to buy a small Dell notebook, and find it to be disappointing, I would be less likely to ever buy any size of Dell notebook in the future. But because they are allowing the public to know what to expect they are showing they do care about the consumer. It is important for any company that wants to be respected and obtain loyal customers to be truthful about their products and services.

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