Saturday, October 31, 2009

Facebook's Dark Side Displayed This Valentine's Day: The Latest Trend - Dumping Lovers Via Social Networks

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      Valentine’s Day may be seeing some permanent new trends.  It is refreshing to hear that lovers are learning new ways to communicate with each other.  According to a poll, 48 percent of those under 21 took the bold and enlightened step of ending a relationship with their girlfriend/boyfriend over a social networking site, CNET reports.  Through this not only are the two people in the relationship experiencing the breakup but they are also sharing in this rejection with up to 5,000 of their closest friends.  Because of this, we see that not only is there a different kind of experience happening but a co-experience happening among our global world.


      Well, I definitely think that this is 100% positively the wrong way to go about ending a relationship with anyone, no matter what the age may be.  It shows that the person ending the relationship over the internet is not only scared and lazy but also very disrespectful towards that other person and their feelings.  If you liked or loved that other person at one point, have enough respect for them to talk and tell them in person.  I think this concept not only applies to ending a relationship over the internet but also anything where people need to be informed about an issue or problem, or if there is a situation that needs to be handled.  I feel as if these types of things should always be handled in person on a one-on-one basis.  Technology has made everything easier and faster for people.  We can send an email faster than we can call that person, talk with them for a while about the issue, and then have the problem or situation figured out.  So when it comes to bigger situations we would simply much rather just discuss over the internet rather than handling things in person.  Some people have taken this to extremes. An example is firing someone who has been working at this same place for several years and has put in several hours of dedication and love for what they are doing, through an email!   Yes, this does happen.  Probably more often than we know.  So, whether it be ending a relationship or discussing a job situation, don't let technology get in the way of good old-fashioned face to face.




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