Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vick's Agents Lie About Nike Endorsment----By Brooke Shanholtz

One of Michael Vicks agents recently announced that Vick signed an endorsement with Nike. The problem with that announcement is that it is false. Following the announcement, Nike shortly answered denying signing a deal with pro football player, Michael Vick.   Vick’s agent was probably trying to repair his image. Michael was sent to prison in 2007 for dog cruelty charges and was released in May of 2009. He recently returned to his professional football career signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. His image definitely needs improvement, but his agent made a poor decision when he announced the false statement about the endorsement with Nike. An article on Bulldog Reporter states that, “Perhaps the agent, Mike Principe, was hoping that the slight embellishment would slip by and help to restore Vick's badly damaged image after that dog-torturing incident thing, but a marketing consultant says that the image-restoration attempt backfired, USA Today reports.” Any practitioner communicating information to the public needs to be honest. Michael Vick’s agents do need to work on repairing the image of their client but should work on their tactics and stay truthful to the stakeholders.



BULLDOG REPORTER’S DAILY DOG. (2009, October 2). Dogged By Rumor That It Has Signed a New Endorsement Deal with Michael Vick, Nike Sets the Record Straight — But Will Outfit Athlete. Retrieved from http://www.bulldogreporter.com

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