Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cisco Eos: The Media & Entertainment World's Social Media

By Madison Chambers
Cisco Eos is an Internet hosted software platform that allows for media and entertainment companies to create online communities.  The websites are easily created and allows fans to easily interact with their favorite musicians, actors, or anything else that a media or entertainment company would want to promote (Reardon 2009). Warner Music Group is an example of a company that uses Cisco Eos. WMG uses this form of social media to promote bands such as Paramore and Halestorm, and singers like Trey Songz and Sean Paul. These artists use Cisco Eos to provide a customized social interactive cite that provides their fans with a great experience (Werner Music Company and Cisco, 2009).

This type of social media gives consumers of the media and entertainment world a chance to actively interact with their favorite musician or actor. Cisco Eos also allows for the public to view their news from the source of their favorite types of entertainment. According to Jim Brady, member of the Cisco Newsroom, thirty-six percent of the public goes straight to the source concerning entertainment news directly from their favored type of media (Brady 2009). Cisco Eos also is trying to knockdown the rates of piracy. By allowing fans to interact with their favorite musician, actor, etc., there could possibly be a decrease in piracy since the music or video is practically given to them (Reardon 2009).

Cisco Eos is a great way for media and entertainment companies to socialize with their publics. By being able to socially interact with one another, the message can be received better and more and more people will use Cisco Eos to get their news and updates on their favorite celebrities. 

Since this is a fairly new type of social media, reviews were difficult to find. However, from the readings of the articles written about Cisco Eos, I have gathered that it is a great innovation that has been influenced by PR 2.0 and is trying to getting everyone involved: both professionals and the public.

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