Monday, January 25, 2010

How Stores Use Kaboodle to their Advantage

By: Tiffiny Towne

The organizations that would use are on-site and online shopping stores like to  Shoppers can make a wish list for certain holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or their birthday for their family and friends to view. The business can see what the consumer likes by how many people are adding their products to their favorites. The stores can also market their products to these online shoppers. Now products have reviews from real people and are not being censored on the website. If a company takes forever to ship a product, other consumers will know what to expect or go to another store.

For example, I ordered the Putting Public Back in Public Relations textbook from a little known book seller because that was the cheapest price and, according to, it had four out of five stars. That was not too bad compared to my other options. I am a poor college student. I hate paying for shipping so I decided to pick the cheapest shipping option. The option was two to fourteen days. I figured since the order was being shipped from Indiana that it would not take too long. Apparently I was off on my estimation because it has been exactly fourteen days and I still have no textbook.  The shipping did not provide tracking like Now, I have to call the store to find out what is going on with this book. Like, have they even shipped it yet? If I would have read somewhere about their shipping problems then I would have picked because I am familiar with them.

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