Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Laws every Marketer needs to know about Facebook advertising

By: Jessica Tobin

1. Facebook is least effective at direct sales. Facebook is good for building relationships though. Most people aren’t on facebook ready to buy but if you advertise there they are most likely to purchase in the future.
2. Create a greater volume of ads that target less people. If you send out a generic ad, you are just wasting money. There are 11 targeting factors that facebook allows you to use. This allows you to narrow your audience from where they are located, their age, education and even where they work.
3. Friend users before you sell to them. Like stated in the first law, it is important to build a relationship instead of just trying to make a direct sale. They are more likely to become a long time customer if you become friends first.
4. Understand your market. You should know who you are trying to target so that you can use the 11 marketing tools facebook provides to your best advantage.
5. Set Advertising budgets with a goal in mind. It isn’t cheap to advertise on facebook if you don’t know who you are targeting to make a profit. It is important to know what you want to spend money on and to who you want to advertise.
6. Monitor your ad performance and adjust accordingly. Every advertising you use on facebook is able to be monitored. Make sure you are paying attention to these advertisements and making sure you are reaching your goals.
7. Test landing pages versus facebook pages. It is important to diversify your advertising other than facebook advertising and building relationships here. That should go without saying, but it is good to say hear it.
8. Split test ads by demographic. To make specific words or colors in your ads and testing them in certain demographics can be very helpful in helping determine what your target audience responds to.
9. Develop creative ad copy. It is important to be honest but create an ad that makes your audience take action. A good way to improve your advertisements is by looking at the advertisements you see most often around you and which ones you see the most.
10. Don’t over target. It is important to use the target keys available through facebook but don’t try to target too many people. Focus in on a specific group and advertise to that specific group.

All of these are helpful tips to improving advertising on facebook, if that is a tool you want to utilize.

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