Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good News for Retailers: As Black Friday Approaches, New Survey Shows Moms Plan to Increase Spending By 32 Percent This Holiday Season

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      Despite the estimated poor outcome for holiday shopping this year as most Americans continue to struggle through the recession, a new survey from parenting website BabyCenter has a brighter outlook on retailers.  According to this survey, mom shoppers plan to spend more on presents this year than they did in 2008.  Poll respondents said they plan to do their shopping online as well as in stores.  There was also more polled who said they would be giving home-made as well as store bought gifts this year.  The results of this survey show both the temporary and the permanent effects of the recession on families and also shows what is really becoming important in these families lives-caring for each other.


      This article is encouraging.  I think it is good to see that despite the economy and everything that is going on within it, family is still something that is very important to people.  I think it is good for moms to be concerned with caring for families and their children around the Christmas season.  For some kids, Christmas may be one of the very few times that they get any kind of special gift from their parents.  For parents to realize this and still want to present their kids with something at Christmas, even though maybe financially they cannot afford it, is a beneficial thing for parents to do.  I think it also shows a kind of defiance against our crumbling economy.  It shows that people have come to not be so scared of what is going to happen within their families financially and just spend that extra money around the holiday season.  I think that parents need to continue to be smart with the money that they are spending around the holiday season but it is good to see that moms are aware of what’s important.



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