Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not a Moment Too Soon: Celebrity Rights Finally Defended in Tinseltown as Schwarzenegger Signs Anti-Paparazzi Bill Into Law

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been pushing on the state legislature to pass a new anti-paparazzi bill.  Although Americans may still be struggling with paying mortgages and finding jobs, under this new law, it is now easier for celebrities to sue media outlets that use photos that invade their private lives.  The former movie star signed a number of bills recently all that are putting some kind of restriction on what is illegal and legal for the paparazzi.  These bills are also permitting celebrities to file lawsuits against media outlets that use these photos or recordings from paparazzi.


      Well, my first thought is thank goodness he is their governor and not ours.  My next thought is hopefully next election will have a different outcome.  What is governor Schwarzenegger thinking?  There are so many more problems and troubles in that state such as the bankruptcy they are battling than whether or not celebrities are getting the wrong kind of attention from paparazzi that leads to everyone seeing it.  I do think that paparazzi are a problem for celebrities and the paparazzi can be very disrespectful and ruthless when it comes to some of the photos that are taken.  The paparazzi can also be ruthless and hard hearted when it comes to how they get those photos of celebrities.  But part of me thinks, hey you asked for it when you signed your life away to being famous.  So yes, I’m sure that some celebrities are pretty excited about this new bill but let’s ask the rest of the state of California what they think about it.  Governor Schwarzenegger should be spending time and money on economic, state, and the people’s problems like most all other governors are doing for their states.  I bet the state of California is sure glad they elected him now.



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