Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Study Finds Facebook Users More Affluent than MySpace Crowd - Bloggers and Tweeters Tend to Be City Dwellers

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      A new study from the Nielsen Company has found some interesting facts about social media and culture.  According to these results, Facebook and Twitter users have more money and tend to live in urban areas than the rest of the nation. 


      I grew up on a dairy farm out in the country outside of a very small town.  I now am at college where I have access to the internet but when I go back home I do not.  At my house back home, we do not have Facebook/Twitter let alone internet.  Some may think that this is a burden but not really.  There is so much more to do than look at Facebook and Twitter all day long.  While at home on the farm I have plenty to do and plenty to keep me busy instead of being hooked onto the computer screen 24/7. 


      So responding to this article, it is completely understandable to me as to why more Facebook/Twitter users seem to have more money and tend to live in more urban areas.  Because in rural areas more of your time is spent outside compared to urban areas where more of people’s time is spent inside.  If you are outside completing tasks in rural areas you are not going to take time to check somebody’s Facebook status.  Also, in urban areas people will spend more money on things such as their internet use because they are using it more often and depend on it more.  Because of this it would certainly show that these Facebook/twitter users have more money.



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