Saturday, November 21, 2009

Right Sarah, Wrong Crowd: Fox News Plays the Wrong Crowd Video in Palin Coverage: Network Says It Was a "Regrettable Mistake"

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      Fox news was caught making a bigger deal out of Sarah Palin's book tour than it is in reality.  They showed a much larger gathering from other irrelevant footage.  They apologized for the error calling the incident a "production error."  But many are thinking that this wasn't just a "mistake."  Fox did the same thing while promoting Palin last year during the presidential campaign.  They apparently had shown a huge crowd at a not-so-well attended event.


      Not only is it bad enough that Fox got caught once doing this but twice.  You would think they would have learned their lesson.  Doing this sort of thing just makes it bad for everyone all around because it jeopardizes the credibility of not only Fox but also of Palin and who she is working with.  From different perspectives it could seem as if Palin and who she is working with may have wanted this promo as a benefit towards her and her new book.  But really it is Fox who is thinking that by doing this it will allow Palin to have a better representation of her.  It is good that they like her and what she is doing but that is no reason to bring negativity to her career with this mistake.  Hopefully they have learned a lesson through the negativity that has come from this or maybe the third time will be a charm.



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