Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dockers Tries to Remake Its Brand and Image with Launch of Campaign for New Line of Pants Luring Bargain-Hunting Shoppers

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld
      Dockers has recently decided to try to remake its brand and image with the launch of campaign for a new line of pants for bargain-hunting shoppers.  A recent article has said that mroe often than not, brands that ruled the roost in a bygone era fail in their attempts to remake themselves for the younger, hipper crowd of today.  Dockers however is giving it a shot this holiday season with a new line of pants and a new multimedia campaign.  A revamped line includes new colors and fits with attractive price points. 
      I do remember the time when dockers was a big deal and then, it just kind of died in a sense.  I think that it is good to see the brand trying to come back and be something exciting for many bargain shoppers.  The brand is seeing that buyers and especially men who would be buying this product are becoming much more price concious, and taking how they look a bit more seriously.  Becuase of this, the brand is offering up this new campaign to grab the attention of these buyers.  One of the things the article talked about was the fact that they have a new multimedia campaign that includes a Super Bowl spot.  I think this is intereseting to see and very smart of the compnay.  Their target audience is aimed towards men, so putting something in with the Super Bowl is definately a smart option to have.  It is good to see that the company is promoting the bargain part of the shopping and concerned with shoppers during the difficult economic times.  Especially because is it obvious that apparel sales are still not up to where they used to be.  Dockers is launching something new in a difficult time and it will be neat to see how the target audience reacts.

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