Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Tiger Woods Thinking? Crisis Experts Criticize Golf Star's Silent Approach, Which Could Create a PR Nightmare for "Brand Tiger"

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      There have been many things written about Tiger Woods and the incident that happened near his home, but no one knows exactly what happened.  The first rule of crisis management is to speak up and address the issue, as many brands have learned the hard way.  Lingering silence just turns little problems into giant problems that are hard to get out of.  Tiger Woods has so far been completely mum about his "incident", refusing to speak with police about what happened and why. 


      I think that it is good that Woods wants to keep his personal life just that, his personal life.  That is nobodies business but his own and he should not want other people to know.  By him, as a celebrity, not blurting out all the details, it shows that this was not just another incident put on display in order to get attention.


      However, if the police need more information from him as to what happened, that is a different aspect of the story. "When you avoid the police, it not only hurts you in the court of public opinion but it also hurts you in the court of law," says Mike Paul, president of MGP and Associates PR.  For Woods to be avoiding the police shows a sense or lack of respect for the law and for values or moral standards.  This is definitely not good for his brand.  Yes, it is important that he protect his personal life but it is also very important that he obey the law just like any other citizen. 




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