Thursday, December 17, 2009

"He Said, She Said" for the 21st Century: McDonald's Catches Heat Over Discrimination for Allegedly Refusing to Hire Transgender Teen

By: Roseanna Sonnenfeld


      An Orlando Teen who changed her gender from male to female is taking legal action against McDonalds.  She claims that the fast food restaurant refused to hire her because she is transgender.  This McDonalds branch claims to have a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination in any form.  Along with being refused an interview by the company, the 17 year old claims that a company rep left a voice message saying she would never be hired by the company.


      The 17 year old definitely has a right to be taking legal action against the company.  I am someone who does not agree with the concept of people choosing to be transgender.  I think that what you are born with is what you got, and is who you are.  I would never judge them for that choice though, but that is beside the fact in this article.  The way that the company went about this whole situation was bad all around.  They first of all were discriminative towards the teen in making the choice to not hire the teen.  Then they handled it wrong when telling the teen and explaining their decision.  There should have been better judgment made from all of the representatives in this situation.  Especially when it came to leaving a voice message on the teen’s answering machine.  It seems as if they treated the situation as a joke which it definitely was not.




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