Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tumblr- An Overview

By Jaimie Ham
Tumblr is a social networking site that’s main focus is blogging. It is more than your typical blogging site, however. It offers a variety of applications that keep the user interested and entertained. For example, you can post text, photos, quotes, links, audio, video, and even chat as well. You also have the option to receive messages for more sensitive material. Besides posting you own personal information, you are able to view others’ information easily. Tumblr also links to other people with the same interests as you.

You are able to add “friends” and see their more recent posts on your homepage. This application reminds me of Twitter- how you can choose who you follow and see their updates without them having to confirm you as a friend- unless their profile is private.

Tumblr also offers some a chance for creativity. You are able to choose from templates to design your page with, or you can design your own. You also can name your blog and choose what the URL address is for easier access. When you post your text, you have the chance to save them to your drafts, line them up in a queue, and decide when each will be published. You also have the option to “tag” your posts so that you can categorize them with others’ whose posts contain similar topics. When you click on a “tag” or search for a “tag”, you see all the posts made (whether they are your friends or not) that contain that tag.

Personally, I do have a Tumblr. It was very useful when I was searching for graduate school. I typed in the name of the schools I was interested in, and viewed the posts with those tags. It was interesting to get students point of view of their schools. 

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