Monday, February 1, 2010


YouTube is not only for videos of funny things happening. It can also be used by a business to get its message across.  You can use it to show your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and connect with customers, colleagues and potential customers.   

People can use YouTube to show presentations of their company or videos of certain things that are going on.  People can interactively become involved in a business through this tool.  They can record meetings that they feel are important and that they would want to share with fellow employees and shareholders, etc.  They can use this tool to advertise their business.   

They can set up a “channel” as they call it; this is where you basically set up a page for yourself.  People can follow the company through this channel either through the website or tweeting has become popular.  Company’s can have their staff portrayed in a video maybe of them working or doing the skills required for that business.   

By using YouTube I feel that it is very effective.  People can promote their business in a different way from television commercials and radio. Everything is moving to the internet. This is helping this social media to grow.  I feel like this will become more popular in years to come.  

Instructions on how to add a video to your blog.

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