Monday, February 1, 2010

What is ooVoo?

By Demetric Fane

OoVoo was created in so many words as competition for the Skype communication application. OoVoo’s purpose is to make communication for families, business, or any other need possible without ever leaving your home or office pc.  The application allows you to make phone calls over the internet for a small fee that you can add credits to with your debit/credit card. The phone calls are said to be the clearest calls ever made over the web. Another great feature that has attracted users to ooVoo is the capability to make video phone calls as well.  This application has the same features as Skype, but there are a few features that set the two giants apart.  OoVoo allows the users to have more than one person at a time on a video chat. There is the possibility of having six users at a time at one time. Skype has not yet been able to have that feature.  OoVoo is also working on a new feature that allows users to use the program from their cell phone to do video conference calls from the cell.  OoVoo is trying its best to wipe out the skype generation by stepping up one level above everything that Skype tries to create.

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