Saturday, February 6, 2010

YouTube: Broadcast Yourself

By Jessica Seipel

This name is known and used worldwide, in twenty-two different countries, and available in fourteen different languages. Founded in February 2005, by Steve Chen, and Steve Hurly, their headquarters are
located in San Bruno, California. They were originally funded by Sequoia Capital.

It was while working for PayPal, that they realized there was no way of uploading videos and sharing them with friends. So they decided to make up this website where regular everyday people could go and watch,
share, and upload videos. What was a simple idea turned out to be very profitable.

YouTube was bought by Google in November 2006 for $1.65 Billion. Youtube has become the leader of online videos.

What is on YouTube?

YouTube has a variety of different things to watch, from clips of television shows to what Lady Gaga was wearing last night at the Grammy's. YouTube has video content, movies, television, and even
music videos. It also has many amateur videos and blogging as well. Lots of larger businesses upload videos such as, CBS, BBC, UMG (Universal Music Group), but mostly Youtube consists of tons of individual clips.

You must be a member to upload videos, but non members can access videos. These are shared through many different media sources, cell phones, blogs, and e-mail. YouTube is viewed around one billion times a day.

YouTube has been a great asset to our growing economy. This social media helps us stay updated on what is going on right now. You can watch clips of virtually everything all with one click of your mouse. Many people use this tool also for business purposes or for school projects. Some teachers put examples of step by step things up as a video showing students exactly what it is they need to do. YouTube is a wonderful social media tool to have.

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