Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google Docs being used by Businesses

By: Tiffiny Towne

Google Docs is the company Google’s suite of free office software which includes a ‘word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, and form creator.’ It’s all web-based so you do not have to worry about installing anything. It can be accessed by Mac, PC, Linux or any other operating system.
        As of right now you can’t edit Google Docs on a blackberry, if you are sharing working documents with others, you can stay updated on the latest additions or changes through. But if you want to view your docs go to for docs and spreadsheets. You will need an Iphone to view presentations.
 Small businesses choose Google Docs because of the freedom and it definitely saves money on budget. There will not be a hassle to deal with the frequent IT trouble tickets. The Docs are saved on the internet while the person is working so you don’t have to worry about computers crashing, backing up files, and loosing important data. Those people who travel often can find the “virtual office” very useful because the sharing is a major benefit. Writings, presentations and spreadsheet projects can be shared and collaborated. The users will be able to add comments and view the revision history.
Lesley Cutts is a Marketing Manager of GoodnessDirect wrote, “Google Docs has been a revolution to us. We can write copy on a Google document and get several people to proof it together, saving us hours…  We are now all singing from the same song sheet!”
Notice was taken by Microsoft over how more people are choosing to use the free Google Docs.  Spreadsheets, word-processing and other productivity programs are being moved off the PC and on the internet by some big companies.  Microsoft has created a lightweight version of Office programs called Office Web Apps.  Some invited participants will be able to test Word Web App, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote Web App through Windows Live.
        Google blogs on March 5th about Google Docs welcoming DocVerse, a small team of talented developers who enabled a true collaboration right within Microsoft Office.  “With DocVerse, people can begin to experience some of the benefits of web-based collaboration using the traditional Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint desktop applications.”

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