Friday, April 2, 2010

By: Katie Adkins               

I originally wrote my blog on the web tool Wiggio is a tool that helps to make it easy to work in groups. It allows groups to share common calendars, folders, and documents. While I feel this is a wonderful tool, I wanted to explore something that I felt was a more traditional form of social media.

       is a site that merged with Yahoo! in August of 2005. It allows users to post information about upcoming events in their area. This site displays times, prices, and other details for all kinds of events such as concerts, conventions, and science exhibits. Users can keep calendars to display all the events they are attending and share calendars with friends. There is an opportunity to explore all kinds of events that the user may have never even thought about. offers an opportunity for users to comment, ask questions, and travel around interactive maps. The site itself is easy to navigate and neatly presented. The events are categorized by event type or by date. And anyone with a Yahoo! account can participate!


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