Thursday, April 1, 2010


By: John Duncan
How and Why Companies and PR Professionals
Are Using Trackle

        Trackle is an online tool which allows its user to find news articles, press releases blogs, web article and postings and twitter chat. Companies can benefit greatly from trackle because it gives them the opportunity to trackle themselves and find all these articles and conversations that people are having. Trackle sends emails and updates to your personal email and trackle as soon as a new conversation is posted. This allows the members within the company to easily find where these conversations are taking place and to listen in and add feedback. Trackle is a very useful and easy tool to use. It saves companies and PR professionals time because it does the hard part of searching through all the social media’s and finding the specific keywords which are important to you.

There are two options for trackle:

        You can set up the free, Basic Trackle which is your basic tools and aps which allow you to find articles and blogs about a company, a celebrity, weather, crime in your neighborhood or pretty much anything you are interested in.

        The other option for trackle is Premium Trackle which does cost some money. However, it does allow you to have a 30 day trial to see what it’s like for yourself. It does have many benefits because it gives you more options such as Trackle Social Media Buzz and News for Company/Brand, Trackle Industry News for Product/Topic, Trackle Person (Advanced), etc. These advanced tools allows you to find the same new articles, twitter posts and blogs as the basic but it also allows you to receive twitter, facebook, myspace posts, LinkedIn activity and much more from the person or companies accounts. This allows trackle users to stay updated with their favorite celebrities or companies and be the first to know the latest gossip or newest products. This is also very beneficial to bloggers who want to be the first to release the newest information.

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I have become very involved in trackle. I have blogged about my experience using it. You can read about it at It has helped me become more knowledgeable about the latest news and sports in the world today.