Thursday, April 1, 2010

Podcasts for Public Relations

By Laura Yeager


Podcasts can be an extremely valuable asset to the Public Relations industry. I have become familiar with podcasts though the website Through this website, I have created my own account and have begun to add my favorite podcasts into one all inclusive location.  Companies can use podcasts to specifically target those who are interested in their company’s specific field. Podcasts websites such as, sort podcasts into various categories which make them easy to find. For example, under the entertainment category you may find podcasts from entertainment tonight, MTV, and VH1. also offers a “featured channels” option that is easy to navigate. Those individuals who are interested in the Major League Baseball channel for example, have access to all the podcasts on the website relating to baseball and do not have to search through thousands of podcasts to find what they are looking for.

There are some challenges with using podcasts for public relations purposes. Many people are still unaware of the opportunities that podcasts have to offer. Attracting more of the public is a challenge that those who are proficient in the world of podcasts still have to overcome. I think podcasts may be more successful if they were more often linked to other forms of social media. For example, if there was a podcast linked to Facebook or Twitter I would be more inclined to look at it. 

I recommend that companies and organizations all begin implementing podcasts into their public relations strategy. Podcasts are yet another outlet to reach the public, and specifically target those who you aim to create a bond with.




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