Monday, April 5, 2010



Kael Martin


                StumbleUpon is a great site for websurfers.  Users acknowledge their personal preferences from a list of 500 topics.  These topics include sports, philosophy, food, games, politics, and many more. By simply clicking “stumble,” web sites with these personal interests are displayed.  Users may also rate the site which also helps individuals find interesting sites. 

                I previously had experimented with StumbleUpon before being assigned this project.  After picking StumbleUpon from a list of possible social media sites, I began to research and use the site more often.  StumbleUpon is a very entertaining site that allows an individual to constantly experience “flow.”  Flow is psychology term that explains a persons state of mind when they are fully immersed and in what he or she is doing while feeling energized.  Myself, along with a few friends who use StumbleUpon, find ourselves using the website for up to an hour without ever thinking about the time.

                StumbleUpon allows users up to500 topics to choose from ranging from sports and music to philosophy and food.  After the user picks their categories, they simply click “Stumble” and a website will be displayed that has to do with their preference.  A user who likes the websites can click the thumbs up sign which will log the site into the favorites icon.  Websites that are uninteresting to the user can be given a negative rating by clicking the thumbs down.  After clicking this icon, the website will not appear again.

                Although StumbleUpon can be a very effective website for users who want to just browse the web, it also gives individuals an opportunity to meet others.  In the StumbleUpon community, individuals can search and connect with other “Stumblers” along with sharing sites they selected to be their favorites.  This is a great way to  meet and message new people while also viewing their profiles and the websites they found interesting or beneficial.

                StumbleUpon is an excellent Social Media tool that can assist a business or organization.   An organization working to promote and inform the public on a developing program would be able to reach a wide range of audiences.  It is a great marketing tool that could really advertise an organization and their products.  Users will also have the opportunity to learn about the organization as well as the intent of the program.

                StumbleUpon, in my opinion, is just starting to become a major player in social networking.  Users have found the site to be very entertaining while also helpful in meeting others and networking.  Organizations have discovered how useful this social networking site can be.  An organization can inform and  promote “stumblers” about their purpose and objectives.  StumbleUpon is a great way to increase the traffic of an organizations’ web site.  In the near future, I see StumbleUpon increasing the number of users as well as advertisers.  If one is looking to be entertained, network, or advertise their company, StumbleUpon is the place to go.

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