Friday, April 2, 2010

Using Tumblr

Jaimie Ham

I have been using Tumblr for a few months now. I check it a couple of times a week and have found in very useful in many areas. However, being a new user, I still have much to learn. I especially enjoy using Tumblr to follow certain blogs and read those blogs weekly. My favorite blog I follow is “La Cuisine.” This is my favorite blog to follow because I can get recipes and try my hand at them. The blog is updated almost daily, which keeps my interest held. I also enjoy following the “Travel Highlights” blog. I love to travel, and seeing beautiful pictures of places all over the world gives me ideas of where I want to travel eventually.


Following these and other Tumblr blogs has helped me to stay active in the Tumblr community. However, I am definitely more of a watcher and “listener” than someone who actively starts up conversations and creates posts. My personal Tumblr is usually only updated every couple of weeks. When I update, the information doesn’t really have a lot of relevance to anything; it’s just things that I find interesting. I re-post a lot from other blogs. One of my favorite blogs to re-post from is “Quote Book.” This blog has great quotes from many famous or historical people. The quotes are usually placed against photos.


Something that I need to work on is to become a more active participator in Tumblr. This proves difficult- I only have a couple followers. I need to apply some of the lessons learned in “Putting the PR Back in Public Relations” by Solis and Breakenridge to build a following. I need to learn to blog about what is important to a target audience, once I decide on what type of audience it is that I want to reach.


Tumblr is a very simple blog site that anyone can use. However, deciding how involved you are in the Tumblr community is entirely up to the individual.


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